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Greeting cards

This range of A5 (148mm x 210mm) and DL (99mm x 210mm – exactly one-third of A4) sized blank greeting cards were created to be much more than just the carrier of your sentiments and thoughts.

Presented with high quality envelopes and catalogue inserts, in a variety of pack sizes and packaging options, especially unique are the boxed gift packs.


Flora and fauna

We had difficulty selecting from hundreds of illustrations and artworks for this collection!

Inspired by the natural world of animals, insects and plant life, some are detailed whilst others are stylized, geometric or pure imagination.

Comic relief

Laughter has never been a more frequently prescribed medicine during these challenging times.

Look out for the hilarious details that abound in these funny illustrations of cats, dogs, birds and you-name-it….
We hope these comedic illustrations will amuse you and lighten the day of whomever receives them. There are twelve DL* cards in the collection.

DL* (DL measures 99mm x 210mm – exactly one-third of A4. It's the standard size of personal envelopes, cards and invitations and promotional materials such as brochures, flyers and leaflets.)

Faces of our world

This collection of eight A5* and twelve DL* blank greeting cards have been created to illustrate just some of the endless and diverse definitions of beauty of the people of our astonishing world.

Our goal is to eventually depict faces representing all one hundred and ninety five nations on earth!

The legend written on the back of each card may give insight to each beautiful and unique person.


This is no ordinary pack of cards. The illustrations* and mini-biographies* at the back of each card will either remind you about or introduce you to a heroine you had not met yet!  Historical or mythological, they hail from many different folklores, centuries, walks of life, countries, ethnicities and cultures. These women are brave, fierce, inspirational, even controversial, but above all, utterly fascinating and memorable. We’re sure you will identity with more than one that is similar to or inspires you - or the person you send it to!

Eminently collectable and frameable individually or as a group, they should remind us every day that there is a leader, warrior and heroine in each and every one of us. Their legends inspire and teach us about what and just how much those who have gone before us were able to endure, strive for, overcome, survive and achieve - no matter how many and difficult the obstacles they encountered along their journeys may have been.

Love stories

The legends of well known and more mysterious lovers from history and mythology
will be an inspiration to strive to preserve and nurture that elusive thing called love.
Our lovers endure great sadness and joy, success and sometimes tragedy in the pursuit
of conquering all to stay together.

Oriental express

The detailed drawings depict characters from countries like Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan - ancient cultures of grace, mystery and the originators of much of the musical, decorative arts and literature we learn from and enjoy today.

Some of the earliest forms of writing were developed from these intricate societies and we hope that they will be the vessels of meaningful and significant wishes and expressions.

Myths & fables

Stories passed down through the generations are called Myths and Fables.
Fables are stories about animals, people or things that convey a moral lesson - to enrich, educate and preserve culture.

Myths are stories about gods and goddesses and their powers. Each has a story about how the world came to be. They are associated with religion and spirituality and are the basis of customs and taboos in societies.

Our Myths and Fables collection of twelve blank cards depict the characters of some of thesestories and are intended to inspire, encourage and educate.

Historical patterns from all over the world,



Although there are over a 100 designs available we are still keen to design and develop original custom designs and ranges, especially tailored for your unique company profile and target market. 

Contact us for an appointment regarding customistion.

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