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Tissue paper

For special custom orders only, we are able to print many of our all-over designs on individual sheets or counter rolls of Tissue Paper.

We are able to offer white, black (for paste white or metallics printing inks only), metallics such as matt gold and silver or solid coloured tissue papers in a range of stock colours across the colour spectrum.

 Designs can be held exclusive for a period of six months or minimum 5000 sheets on a maximum of six different coloured tissue papers.

For counter rolls our minimum print run 10,000 metres one colour tissue paper only, which can be split into rolls of 100 metres each.

These print runs and minimum quantities are subject to change and stock availability of both coloured tissue paper.

Tissue paper.jpg


Although there are over a 100 designs available we are still keen to design and develop original custom designs and ranges, especially tailored for your unique company profile and target market. 

Contact us for an appointment regarding customistion.

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