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Our history.

For over 30 years, our companies Spirit Product Design & Publishing cc and Spirit Homewares cc have been the creators and marketers of unique, niche and often educational products.
Supplying the majority of national retailers as well as numerous independent stores, we have always collaborated with Sourh and Southern African designers and artists, manufacturing every product locally.

Our new product launch

We are very excited to launch our new greeting card, gift wrap and gifting range Brave Spirit.
The range is predominantly created with the illustrations and under the art direction of Carol Duff, whose 40 year career in design has spanned everything from Graphic design to award winning textile design and for the past 25 years homeware design, manufacture and retail in her factory and iconic spirit and PAX retail stores.

Under our art direction we are also in the process of commissioning a plethora of local artists working in an extensive range of techniques, especially tailored for your unique company profile and target market.


Carol will draw upon her extensive knowledge and experience in everything from advertising to fashion and creating ranges of home textile design and homewares for a wide spectrum of retailers to ensure that the products we create for you are niche and innovative, reflecting the Zeitgeist of our unusual and challenging times.

Our helpers

A special thanks to all the helpers with this on-going project.

Printing - Onyx Press

Web Design - HoneyBot: Digital Marketing Agency

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