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Cardboard coasters

Cardboard coasters can be printed with a wide range of our designs and branding easily and tastefully incorporated into the design or on the reverse of the coaster.
Presented in clear PVC boxes of twelve coasters per box, they are not only a wonderful gift item but also eminently adaptable as a corporate gift item. Printed in dynamic black on white as show here, or in colours selected from our colour chart, we can of course match your corporate or range colours, tastefully incorporating branding into the design or on the reverse of the coaster. Coasters can be square or die cut round as shown below.

Minimum order quantities and set up costs apply.



Although there are over a 100 designs available we are still keen to design and develop original custom designs and ranges, especially tailored for your unique company profile and target market. 

Contact us for an appointment regarding customistion.

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