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Why counselling with me

Is there any issue in particular that is creating trouble in your life and you don't know how to solve it? Do you feel a general sense of unhappiness, as if nothing makes sense? Do you have trouble having healthy and loving relationships? Are you unsatisfied in your current job? I have a strong understanding of how to deal with these issues, and many more, because I've dealt with them in my own life. I want to help you make effective change in your life too!

Learn to identify your unhealthy patterns

There are many unhealthy patterns that can create trouble in your life, many times without you noticing. It is not possible to change your patterns without being aware of them and getting to know them first. This sometimes feels scary, but don't worry. I won't be invasive and we will only identify and deal with the issues that you can handle reasonably comfortably.

Fix your issues

Do you feel like there are problems in your life that will never get solved? Maybe you are using the wrong method. I think the most effective method consists of a combination of internal dialogue and action. I also believe that most issues can't really be solved without referring to the time where they originated, usually in childhood.

Fulfill your dreams

What would your ideal life look like? It is possible to have the life you want and I can help you to figure out what this would look like for you and how to achieve it. A meaningful life is essential for happiness.

Become who you want to be 

Are you unhappy in some aspects of your life? Do you ever feel like you have to wear a mask or are constantly worrying about what others may think of you? I can show you how to unveil your authentic self and free your potential.
But remember: There is no easy magical solution to your problems. All of this takes A LOT of hard work, mostly from your side! I can offer guidance and advice but real change won't happen unless you are willing to work like hell :-)

About me

My name is Veronica Santamaria. I am originally from Spain. I am a Business graduate, currently working as an accountant. I know that sounds boring, but I do like accounting! However I have a strong desire to work as a counselor, and that's why I started this. I want to contribute to create a world full of healthy and self-knowleadgeble people.

I've been into self-knowledge for some years and I have worked very hard to improve my life and fix my own issues. It has taken a long time, lots of effort, and many tears. I am not promising an easy and quick solution to your problems, although there are issues that are relatively simple to solve. But if you are willing to be brave and come with me on this journey I can promise that your life will change for the better. Mine has gotten amazingly better as a result of this! 

I am not perfect. I still have issues and I still make mistakes. That's fine with me. But I think I understand the basic principles to do self-knowledge right and make significant change in life. I would like to invite you to join me so that you can also make a difference in your own life.

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My services

I can help you with a wide variety of issues. I especialise on issues such as:
  • Self-Esteem Issues.  Low self-esteem, narcism, chronic shame, inner critics, perfectionism, "fanboy mindset".
  • Relationship Issues. Dependency, defensiveness, criticissim, passive-aggressiveness, being judgemental, being self-effacing, bad boundaries, bad communication, shyness, people-pleasing, caretaker patterns.
  • Deep sadness and lack of meaning.
  • Unresolved issues from the past. Painful unresolved memories, child abuse.
  • Insomnia. I suffered from insomnia for 2 years. I learned how to cure it in a natural way.
  • Other: Repressed anger, disconnection from feelings.
And many more! Please let me know about any other issue you need help with and I'll assess if I can help you, there are many issues that I can help you with that don't appear in the above list.
I offer counseling sessions on Skype of any length, from 30 min to 2 h, dependig on your preferences
Sessions can be booked  Mon-Fri from 6:15 pm -9:00 pm UK time or Sat-Sun from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm UK time
First Session Free, rest of sessions any price from $25/h
First Session Free, rest of sessions any price from $25/h

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Free of charge!!

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